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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Media Opportunity: www.mediaworldinternational.com

Dear Business Owner:

Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to Entertainment Communications, LLC
Entertainment Communications Inc is a premier provider of targeted advertising and marketing solutions to the Region’s leading businesses: financial, retail, health care,  non-profit organizations, consumer services and many local, regional and PA based companies.

We apply proprietary research, digital – real time management systems, data-driven targeting technology, and world-class production expertise to produce media, advertising and direct marketing programs that deliver superior program performance and better results per program dollar.

Entertainment Communications, LLC will help your company:
v  Acquire new customers:

* Define program strategies using rigorous consumer research.
* Analyze and manage data to version and target program investments and reach the best customers and prospects.
* Combine creative talent with automated program management technology for high quality, consistent, brand communications that resonate with customers.
* Deliver complex marketing programs on time and on budget.
With experience across many industries and varied types of media, Entertainment Communications, LLC has the insight and skills to successfully manage programs of any scope or scale…….. Anywhere and Anytime….. Our goal is to break through competitive barriers with innovative marketing solutions that deliver superior brand visibility and consumer response---
Creating a Call to Action!!
Advertising/Branding Expertise
*      Customer insight, format innovation, and process know-how are the foundation for relevant programs that deliver better results per marketing dollar.
*      Whether you want to drive new business or strengthen existing customer relationships, Entertainment Communications has a unique combination of skills that make it easy to implement finely targeted and personalized direct marketing programs of any scope or complexity. 
*      As an expert in brand management and target marketing solutions we increase program relevance, readership, and response to secure your brand a lasting place in consumers' minds and psyche creating “top of the mind awareness” and deliver better return on branding dollars invested.

We also offer production capabilities to support any program requirement or platform
  • Indirect/Direct target marketing solutions to entice consumers, stimulate higher response, and deliver more value per program dollar.
  • Marketing analytics that identify the people most likely to respond to your offering and the best way to reach them.
  • Digital Media solutions to cost-effectively customize program messaging, content, and offers to different audiences, individual consumers, or buying situations.
  • Media planning and audit expertise to optimize your program for cost-effective solutions and get it to market on time.
  • Cost effective – value added service to support your organization in program implementation from concept to customer.

Consider benefits of On Screen Advertising?

ü  The Most powerful Advertising/Client Awareness Media in America: 90% recall rate
ü  Reach consumers/customers  you are not currently reaching, remind former customers
ü  Captive Audience, no channel surfing, no distractions
ü  Large High Impact Ads (20 X 40 screens):
ü  “A billboard w/ digital audio & rolling video”
ü  Competitively Priced (Value pricing on multiple markets & special discounts)
Additional Services:

Ø Mobile Media Applications
Ø Social Media
Ø Web Presence/Geo Targeting
Ø Touch Screen / Integrated / Multi-Channel Media
Ø Multi-Platform Digital Media
Ø Sponsorship/ Banner Advertising Opportunities

Please visit our website:  www.entcommedia.com and www.mediaworldinternational.com

We invite you to contact us immediately:
We are approaching deadlines for contracts & media materials for 2013-14 Holiday Season campaigns.

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